Our equipment

It is our goal to offer our research partners and our patients a well- maintained, funtional, and equipped facility.  Some of the equipment and our facility has to offer is listed below:

Equipment list

  • 12 leads ECG machine
  • Safety Equipment includes emergency crash cart with emergency meds, Oxygen and Defibrillator
  • Laminar Flow Hood for drug preparation and safety
  • Annually Calibrated equipment
  • Phlebotomy station with ambient and refrigerated centrifuge
  • Ultra Low Temperature Freezer (-20° to -75°)
  • ABS Refrigerator Vaccine Storage 2° to 8°
  • Secure Investigational Drug storage room with lock protection and temperature control
  • Secure Records rooms
  • Monitor room
  • Patient Examination Rooms
  • Conference room, Study Coordinator room, and Administration room
  • Procedure rooms with vital signs monitoring
  • GCP, CPR, HIPPA, and IATA trained staff
  • CLIA  licensure
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